$1bn start up introduced to Nottingham by former University graduate

Max Chambers Director of Communications, Nextdoor

Former university of Nottingham graduate and more recently speechwriter for David Cameron, was back in Nottingham last week to talk about his involvement with neighborhood social networking site Nextdoor.

Max Chambers, is now Director of Communications at Nextdoor, one of today’s most rapidly growing start ups which recently hit the headlines in america for its ‘unicorn status’ a term used to describe start-ups worth $1 billion or more.

Nextdoor was founded in San Francisco in 2010 and had huge success in America which sees Nextdoor in almost 80 per cent of all US neighbourhoods. Following its 2016 launch in the UK and Netherlands, there are now 12,000 (45 per cent) of all UK neighbourhoods connected – and most recently it expanded in to Germany.

Launched in the UK just 9 months ago, Nextdoor is a brilliantly simple idea. Its aim is to provide a trusted forum for neighbours, regardless of age, to work together to build stronger, safer, happier communities, a remedy for the 1 in 5 who feel disconnected to the place they live and the growing number of people who can’t name their next door neighbour.

Max Chambers, Director of Communications for Nextdoor UK, said: “We believe that when neighbours start talking, good things happen. And we know from our research that 96 per cent of Brits are craving a sense of community. But today, people are more likely to follow the activities of someone they already know on social media than to get to know their neighbour.

“The desire for a close-knit community is still there and we’ve created a safe space with Nextdoor, where people can rediscover that sense of community spirit that is too often hidden or dying away.”

The firm is yet to monetise, although there is talk of augmenting the site with ads or classifieds. “Monetising the network is something that we’re looking to do in the US right now and the UK will follow further down the line” explains Chambers