Toyota Manufacturing UK says £240m upgrade of the plant IS going ahead


Toyota insists the company’s Burnaston plant is “here to stay” – despite rumours in the popular press that its future was in doubt over uncertainty following the Brexit.

Earlier in the week, Executive vice-president Didier Leroy had said whilst at Frankfurt Motor Show: “A few months ago the Government was saying: ‘We’re sure we’ll be able to negotiate (a deal) without any trade tax’. They are not saying that any more.

“We will not close the [Burnaston] plant tomorrow morning but, if in two to three years, we have to decide some future investments, of course the key point will be the competitiveness of this plant in future.”

He added “It’s clear that, if we have to wait two to three more years to have clarity on this topic, we will have a big question mark about our future investment in the country.”

However, Tony Walker UK Deputy Managing Director insists: “The investment of £240 million to prepare the plant for the introduction of the new TNGA platform vehicles is going ahead as planned.

“We would like to be clear, nothing has changed. With this investment, and our members’ capabilities, we are committed to achieving the competitiveness which will enable us to continue making cars at Burnaston long into the future.”