Crooked scoops one of four golds at international event


Packaging used by the Crooked Beverage Co, distributed by Chesterfield-based Global Brands, has won the gold medal for Design & Packaging at the Drinks International Pre-Mixed Drinks Challenge 2018.

This year’s event drew entries from across the globe, including Europe and the USA. The eighth edition of the competition saw fewer medals awarded from the same number of entrants; the Crooked Beverage Co’s gold was one of just four awarded in the entire competition.

The company’s brief to illustrator Lisa O’Hara was to encapsulate each drink’s narrative into imagery to print onto the can and packaging.

She said: “Crooked struck gold! I’m so made up. It’s a testament to how well the brief and the ideas were put together. I am beyond proud and grateful that; a little-known Sheffield based illustrator, has been instrumental to a product that is so highly regarded.”

Charlie Leaver, Innovation Manager at Crooked Beverage Co, added: “A lot of creativity and deep thinking has gone into the entire Crooked brand. We wanted to create a product that was different, that the consumer can resonate with and get lost in. For us to be receiving this kind of recognition internationally is a celebration of just how much top quality work has gone into the brand from the entire team.”

The ‘Crooked’ name is a nod to Chesterfield’s historic twisted spire.