ThinCats breaks £12m funding ceiling in 2017

Damon Walford

Champagne corks are no doubt popping at Leicester’s alternative finance specialist, ThinCats after a record-breaking 2017.

Subsequently, the firm enjoyed a record month in December, with just over £12m of funding listed on the ThinCats platform, following the biggest-ever ThinCats-listed loan of £6.7m to the Chelsea Yacht & Boat Company, which was made at the end of September.

Overall, 2017 was a successful year of development and growth for the company, demonstrated by an increased origination team that now covers the length and breadth of the country as well as a significant increase in internal credit, securities and monitoring.

Further milestones in 2017 included the conclusion of a £200m funding programme for UK SMEs, alongside institutional investors including Waterfall Asset Management, and made £100m available to manufacturing businesses across the UK, in association with Hennik Edge, a networked advisory team for companies operating in the sector.

Damon Walford, CDO at ThinCats, says: “With considerable funding to deploy, ThinCats Origination has blossomed into a full team of experienced, finance-smart experts.

“This has brought about a number of new, key partnerships with brokers and introducers across many regions, introducing a great variety of opportunities and avenues for SMEs to access the funding necessary to grow and develop.”

Damon addsw2m funding record for Thin Cats7: “It has been quite a year, and we go into 2018 with a very full pipeline, new partners, relationships developing throughout the UK, and high hopes for another successful year for all.”