Record new home sales at Pygott & Crone

Tim Downing

Despite reports that the new homes market was due to slow following the UK’s vote to leave Europe, Pygott & Crone’s new homes department has been busier than ever, boasting the highest level of sales in 10 years.

Tim Downing, director at Pygott & Crone, said: “We opened a new homes office in 2008 due to the exceptionally busy market – which is continuing to perform extremely well.

“A dedicated new homes office is a first for the county’s property industry and we’re delighted with the success we’ve seen, particularly over the past few months.

“Working alongside local and regional builders, our new homes team commits to the entire new homes process – from planning, land and finance, to sales and advertising.

“Having sold almost £10 million worth of new homes over the last quarter, the strength of the market is extremely encouraging – despite the pessimistic predictions forecast before the Brexit vote and the changes in stamp duty that we expected to deter investors.

“Lincolnshire is in a privileged position to be underpopulated and underdeveloped – offering land and new homes for a comparatively affordable price than in the south of the country. This works to attract investors into the region, supporting the local economy and the new homes market which is certainly benefitting too.

“100,000 new homes have been pledged for the county by 2020, a target we’re committed to supporting through schemes such as Cherry Paddocks in Cherry Willingham and Lincolnshire Lakes in Scunthorpe, as well as the ever-successful St John’s in Bracebridge Heath, Lincoln”.

Pygott & Crone’s new homes office is led by sales negotiator, Jodie Goodridge, who, with more than 10 years’ worth of experience, is well versed in the region’s property market.

She said: “The success we’ve had in the office is very encouraging – to have reached a sales figure last seen 10 years ago is incredible and, having on average sold five new homes per week since January, it’s a record we’re hoping to build upon.

“When the buy-to-let changes came in earlier in the year, the national market was expected to slow but we’ve not seen any indication of this in Lincolnshire; the market is continuing to thrive and even Brexit concerns haven’t been enough to slow down the industry”.