North West Leicestershire council to review employment land and housing

A review of the North West Leicestershire Local Plan has begun with a public consultation which runs from Wednesday 21 February to Wednesday 4 April.

The partial review will look at certain policies within the adopted Local Plan, taking new evidence into account and bringing the plan in line with the wider Strategic Growth Plan that is currently being drawn up by all the Leicester and Leicestershire planning authorities.

The main focus of the review will be to find sufficient sites for employment and housing, together with new infrastructure to support development. The two key issues are:

  • Employment land
    Evidence from the Housing and Economic Needs Assessment (HEDNA), which was published part way through the Local Plan examination, shows there is a shortage of employment land to 2031 in the adopted plan; this will be addressed through the review
  • Housing
    Whilst land for sufficient housing up to 2031 has been included in the adopted North West Leicestershire Local Plan, there may be a county-wide need to allocate more land for houses up to 2036. All the Leicestershire authorities are working together to address where this could go. This is being done through the Strategic Growth Plan.

The review will also look at the boundaries of the Area of Separation between Coalville and Whitwick, whether or not to identify Local Green Spaces, emerging national issues (e.g. self and custom build housing), and local issues (e.g. the health implications of new development).

Councillor Trevor Pendleton, Portfolio Holder for Regeneration and Planning at North West Leicestershire District Council, said: “We are pleased to have a Local Plan, which the Inspector passed as a sound plan and was adopted by the council last year. However, in adopting the plan, the council committed to an early review to take account of evidence that shows we need more employment land.

“In addition, there may a county-wide shortage of housing land in the longer term, some of which may need to be directed to North West Leicestershire to make sure we meet the housing need for Leicestershire.

“Whilst the review doesn’t involve all of the policies included in the Local Plan, it is important local people have their say on the elements that affect them. I would urge anyone with an interest in how our district grows, develops and protects its assets to take part in the consultation.”