New cocktail bar shakes up Nottingham

Co-founders Rhys Oldfield, Steve Locke and Leigh Miller

A brand new bar in Nottingham is set to mix it up with one the biggest cocktail menus the city has seen, serving over 150 different concoctions.

Be At One will be opening its doors on Victoria Street in September after work has been carried out to totally transform the venue, which used to be the Nirvana bar.

The cocktail institution has over 30 sites across the UK. This is the first in the East Midlands and will create 16 new jobs in the city.

Co-founder and director Steve Locke said: “I’m really looking forward to opening the bar – it’s going to be absolutely phenomenal. Nottingham is a great city and the Hockley area in particular is really buzzing, although there’s nothing like Be At One there at the moment.

“We take our drinks seriously and are consistently refining our menu and testing the drinks to keep improving them. We also pride ourselves on offering great customer service.

“Our new bartenders are all local talent and they undergo nine weeks of training which costs £5,000 each. This training means that all our guests will be acknowledged within five seconds of reaching the bar. To my knowledge no-one else invests so much in training their bartenders”.

Be At One will open its doors in Nottingham on Friday 16th September.