Car auction super centre to open ahead of schedule

Artists impression of new auction sales area

Aston Barclay’s new 18-acre Super Centre at Donington Park, is running ahead of schedule and will now open on 28th September.

The site will become one of the largest state of art auctions in the country, with space for 350-400 cars under one roof and was planned for completion by the end of the year but works have gone quicker than envisaged allowing the company to bring forward its plans. and host twice weekly sales.

Based in Donington Park’s famous Engine Room exhibition space, it will serve as Aston Barclay’s central hub for all remarketing operations, as well as being the home to a new buyer services and account management team.

Aston Barclay’s Leeds centre has now been completely redeveloped; aligning it aesthetically with its Chelmsford, Prees Heath and Westbury centres that have seen a collective £1.5m group investment in the last two years.

It is also in the early stages of expanding its Prees Heath auction centre in Shropshire, purchasing an additional 6.5 acres of land for future development.

The expansion comes after the company successfully secured a multi-million pound investment from Rutland Partners, which will pave the way for a significant investment in the development of its people, existing and new auction centres and new IT technology that will consolidate it as the UK’s leading national independent vehicle remarketing provider.