Planning overhaul unlikely to achieve government targets say Pegasus

Credit: RossHelen

Pegasus Group, which has offices in Derbyshire, has responded to the Govenment’s proposed changes to England’s planning policy.

Tony Bateman, Managing Director of Pegasus Group states that the Government’s proposed major overhaul offers little significant change.

Tony states that the reforms were unlikely to achieve government targets for 300,000 new houses being built each year: “Overall, given the need to increase housing, I remain concerned that the policies as set out in the NPPF are unlikely to actually achieve this.”

The NPPF review includes amendments to design, transport, climate change and the green belt. Tony said: “The proposed NPPF is very similar to the current document, although in respect of Green Belt the polices are tighter, which makes one wonder how development that meets the needs of the South East will be able to be accommodated.”

Pegasus Group Regional Director Sarah Hamilton-Foyn also said: “Whilst the Government is emphasising that Green Belt policy is made stronger by these changes, in reality, much of what is proposed is already part of current planning practice.”

Tony Bateman added: “Overall there is no significant change to most of the document, but we will certainly be alerting clients to some of the smaller changes that could affect them, such as ancient woodland becoming one of the restrictive policies while the operation of the housing delivery test will also be something else that needs closer scrutiny.”