Want award-winning PR results? Start entering awards

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Greg Simpson - on a mission to tell 2020 stories by 2020

By Greg Simpson, founder of Press for Attention PR and Enterprise Nation Champion for Nottingham.

As I write this, our team is busily researching some award criteria on behalf of a client for a major industry accolade.

Last week we submitted two further awards for different clients, one was local and one was national.

We do this a lot. Why? Very simply, it is about pride and profile.

You can gain industry recognition, local and national profile, a more motivated workforce and major leverage of the rest of your marketing. So why don’t more businesses enter awards? I suspect it is a time issue. However, you need to consider these as a major part of your marketing and PR campaign, not an afterthought.

Sure, there is a bit of science to it but basically it comes down to reading the criteria CAREFULLY and then making it as easy as possible for the judges to consider your case.

Now is not the time for florid prose!

Our clients see entering awards as part of their wider marketing strategy – they see the ROI. It is a fantastic way to gain objective third-party endorsement (a major goal of PR), great coverage and one of the best ways to foster employee and company relationships. People proudly point to articles in the press and say “I work there”.

Other highly-skilled people start thinking “maybe I should work there?”

Also, just going through the application process itself can generate hugely valuable insight into your business. We’ve all heard of working ON your business not just IN it. Awards are a great way to get the team together and reflect on what you have achieved and perhaps haven’t.

If shortlisted, the judging process is also very rewarding if approached with an open mind. You are getting an objective view of your business, most often from an industry expert and they are bench-marking you against your peers and competitors. This is useful intelligence.

Start to think about what awards you might enter in 2017. They might be local, regional, national or industry based but you can bet that once you integrate them into your marketing, the effects can really make a difference.

Awards, just as with PR, are not all about glitzy events and the pop of champagne corks – start now, or get in touch with us and we’ll help you get cracking.