Get out and spend old-style tenners with a small business, says FSB


Everyone with old-style tenners is urged to get out and spend them with a small business anywhere in the UK whilst they’re still legal tender.

The call has come from the Federation of Small Businesses ahead of their  withdrawal as legal tender status from midnight tonight.

FSB Chairman Mike Cherry said: “We call on those still holding paper £10 notes to get out and spend them today with the small firms that form the beating heart of our high streets.

“There are more than £2billion worth of paper £10 notes still in circulation. Clearly, they won’t all be spent by tonight. Small firms have worked hard to prepare for the new £10 note but will need support as the switchover takes effect.

“We urge high street banks to continue accepting old £10 notes to save small firms and the public from having to call on the Bank of England every time they need to swap paper for polymer. The more shoppers and business owners feel they can rely on banks to continue accepting paper notes, the quicker we’ll have them out of circulation.

“With a week left until International Women’s Day, we should take pride in celebrating one of our literary greats. High street banks should embrace the spirit of Austen and refrain from any prejudice against small firms looking to swap old tenners in the coming weeks.”

He said a new £10 note that was harder to fake will be largely welcomed by the small business community. “Hopefully, we won’t see the kind of upheaval that came with the introduction of the new £1 coin towards the end of last year. The vending and entertainment machines hosted by small firms are usually more reliant on coins than notes,” he added.